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Bengaluru: Brawl over unpaid rent worth Rs 24,000 turns violent as woman stabs tenant

Bengaluru: A woman purportedly stabbed her tenant due to unpaid rent worth Rs 24,000 in Bengaluru. The woman allegedly used a knife to stab the victim on her hands and neck. The accused was arrested after the case came to light.

. The victim whose name was Poornima and her husband Ravichandra had been staying at K Mahalakshmi’s house for the last one year. The defendant woman is a resident of Marutinagar, Laggere.

Couple paid advance worth Rs 65,000

Poornima is a housewife though her husband works at a private company. Poornima and her husband paid an advance of Rs 65,000 & used to pay worth Rs 6,000.

Due to the covid-19, Ravichandra lost his job and was incapable to pay rent for 4 months. Upset with the same, Mahalakshmi went to Poornima’s rented housing and purportedly started in conflict with her.

Accused invested advance in chit fund 

Poornima and her husband requested Mahalakshmi to wait for another month but she deny to wait. Mahalakshmi said to not leave the house without pay rent. Poornima asked Mahalakshmi to subtract the rent from the advance paid to her but later said that she had invested the money in a chit deposit.

When Poornima constantly to tell Mahalakshmi that she was not in a situation to pay the rent, the latter hovered into anger and assail her on the head and neck with a knife. Ravichandra made an effort to interfere and catch the woman but she managed to escape.


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