PM Modi presents the National Creators Awards 2024: Know what Selection process & other details?

The National Creators Awards 2024 were recently presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the nation’s capital at the Bharat Mandap. These awards, which have received over 1.5 lakh nominations and 10 lakh votes, aim to honor excellence in social change, education, storytelling, and other fields.

Amidst the explosion of artistic pursuits on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others, content creators are posting about a wide range of topics, including general knowledge, fashion, technology, education, travel, and more. In recognition of this newly popular vocation in India, Prime Minister Modi expanded the National Creators Awards to include a new category for creators.

The National Creators Awards reward those who use their creativity to make a positive difference in a variety of sectors, such as gaming, storytelling, environmental sustainability, campaigning for social change, and education. The awards were intended to serve as a springboard for promoting the application of creativity for constructive change. Read Also: Liverpool defeats Sparta 5-1 in the Europa League; Roma wins over Brighton; Leverkusen, Marseille, and Milan all win

Knowing How the National Creators Awards Are Selected

From February 10 to February 29, 2024, the National Creators Awards nomination period was accessible on the Innovate India website. Nearly 10 lakh votes and over 1.5 lakh nominations were cast, indicating an enormous reaction, according to the figures. Each creator’s share of the votes determines how many awards they earn.

Numerous Categories: Honoring Excellence in Various Fields

The National Creators Awards comprise twenty categories: Most Impactful Agricultural Creator, Best Storyteller, Creator of the Year, Celebrity Creator of the Year, Green Champion Award, Best Creator for Social Change, and International Creator Award, to name a few. Best Food Creator, Best Educational Creator, Best Travel Creator, Cleanliness Ambassador Award, New India Champion Award, Tech Creator Award, Heritage Fashion Icon Award, Best Creative Male and Female Creators, Best Micro-creator, Best Nano-creator, and Best Health and Fitness Creator are among the noteworthy categories.

Honoring the Winners of the 2024 National Creators Award

The list of winners across several categories is as follows:

  1. Shradha Jain, winner of the Most Creative Female Creator Award (Aio Shraddha)
  2. RJ Raunak (Baua) received the Most Creative Male Creator Award.
  3. Janhvi Singh, the Heritage Fashion Icon Award
  4. Kavita Singh wins the Best Food Creator award.
  5. Award for Green Champion: Pankti Pandey
  6. Kirtika Govindasamy received the sixth Best Storyteller Award.
  7. Maithili Thakur received the Cultural Ambassador of the Year Award.
  8. Gaurav Choudhary received the Best Tech Creator Award.
  9. Ankit Baiyanpuriya wins the Best Health and Fitness Creator Award
  10. Naman Deshmukh wins the Best Educational Creator Award
  11. Kamya Jani favourite travel creator.
  12. Disruptor of the Year: BeerBiceps’ Ranveer Allahabadiya

The National Creators Awards 2024 serve as evidence of the expanding power of creators to sway public opinion, promote constructive change, and make substantial contributions to a wide range of industries. By launching this program, Prime Minister Modi has both acknowledged the value of creativity and inspired a new generation of Indian artists.

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