MP Narayan Patel Won from Khandwa and defeated Uttam Pal with 21,900 Votes.

In Madhya Pradesh, the ruling BJP’s Narayan Patel won from Khandwa, where the by-elections were held on November 7. He defeated arch-rival Uttam Pal of Congress by a margin of 21,900 votes. According to the Election Commission, Narayan Patel got a total of 80,004 votes, while Uttam Pal got 58,013 votes. Out of the total 28 by-election seats in Madhya Pradesh, BJP was ahead in 19, Congress on 8, and BSP on

Of the total 28 by-poll seats in Madhya Pradesh, BJP Narayan Patel has been leading on 19, Congress on 8, and BSP on 1.

As per the current trends, the BJP is on a significant lead in Malwa, Gwalior, Nimar, and Bundelkhand; While it is lagging behind in the Chambal region. The BSP seems to spoil the BJP’s game here.

1. The State of Bhopal
If we take a look at the initial trends, there is heavy competition in both the big seats in the Bhopal region. Here, BJP and one Congress candidate are leading in every two seats. Where the Minister Drs. Prabhuram Chaudhary is leading in the Sanchi seat, while Congress candidate Ramchandra Dangi is leading in the Biora seat.

2. Region of Mahakaushal
The only seat in the Mahakaushal region seems to go with the BJP Narayan. From Anuppur, Minister Bisahulal Singh is far ahead of rival Vishwanath Singh Kunjam.

3. Sate of Gwalior
BJP is looking to gain in Gwalior which is considered to be the stronghold of Sindhis. Here, BJP candidates are leading in eight seats out of a total of nine seats while Congress is leading in one seat.
While Pragilal Jatav of Congress is seen taking a quantum leap in Karayara. The opposite is Bhander’s seat with Phool Singh Baraiya. From here, Baraiya is seen lagging behind.

4. Chambal
Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath are appearing in Chambal, while Jyotiraditya Scindia has lost his luster. Congress candidates are leading in five of the seven seats in the region, while the BSP is leading in one seat.

Minister Girraj Dandotia from Dimni is also behind Congress candidate Ravindra Singh Tomar. In Morena, BSP’s Ramprakash Rajouri has maintained an edge. BJP’s Subedar Singh is leading in Jaura.

5. Neymar
The first result will come from Anuppur, it is believed only, but BJP Narayan recorded the first victory from Mandhata. Sumitra Kasdekar has won from Nepanagar. Nandkumar Chauhan welcomed him by feeding him, sweets.

6. Bundelkhand
BJP candidates are continuously leading in the Bundelkhand seat. Minister Govind Singh Rajput maintained an edge from the beginning against Congress candidate Parul Shah, who had dropped out of the BJP.

Pradyuman Lodhi of BJP Narayan from Malhara is running against Sadhvi Ramsia from Congress.

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