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Diesel Generators To Be Banned In Delhi From October 15 Under New Anti-Pollution Plan

Supreme Court said on 8 October that stricter action takes to control air pollution in Delhi NCR from October 15 as part of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP).

So to control air pollution Diesel generators will be banned from October 15 in Delhi NCR with the carrying out of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) to measures falling air pollution.

A GRAP force, which directed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), has give advice to EPCA that Delhi air conditions are becoming the worse.

Bhure Lal who is the chairman of EPCA told to chief secretaries that Air Quality in Delhi coming winter season will become worse because in winter season due to low temperature, pollution will close to the ground so it is important to confirms that pollution levels should not increase.

In 2017 GRAP was notified by the Union Environment Ministry to hold air pollution in Delhi NCR.

Bhure Lal who is the chairman of of EPCA said use of diesel generator will be banned in Delhi NCR from October 15, other than essentials services.

EPCA will soon issue a list in which it will mention that which type of essential services can use diesel generators.

States have been asked to take these actions in addition to those that EPCA has already directed them to take. In this involve prosecution of action plans for controlling emissions in air pollution hotspots, mechanised sweeping of roads both at day and night, sprinkling of water on roads to resistor dust, night patrolling to check excess hot and dust releases, and certifying long time results to waste dumping.

We be familiar with that the economy is by now under stress post-lockdown, and as a result, our combined effort is to confirm that there is no additional interruption, Bhure Lal said.

He also said that co-morbid health conditions are big task during this pandemic and there is lots of proof that pollution will make them more dangerous. It will effect on human health.

Diesel Generators


Prescribed measures under GRAP

For ‘moderate’ to ‘poor’ air

  • Stop garbage burning in landfills
  • Periodic mechanised sweeping on roads with heavy traffic. Water smidgeon on unpaved roads every two days
    Stop plying of visibly polluting vehicles
    Enforce dust control in construction activities

‘Very poor’ air

  • Stop use of diesel generator sets
  • Enhance parking fee by 3-4 times
  • Increase bus and Metro services

‘Severe’ air

  • . Close brick forges, hot mix plants, stone grinders
  • Increase public transport services
  • Stop construction activities
  • Introduce odd-even scheme for vehicles
  • Task force to takings decision on added stages, including closing schools

Measures in place from Oct 15

  • Ban on DG sets in NCR
  • Industries to use only authorised fuels
  • Night patrolling to check waste burning, industrial and dust emissions
  • Mechanised sweeping of roads day and night, and water sprinkling to control dust


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