Pregnant Woman


Unforeseen news came out that in Florida a man attacked by a shark at the time of a snorkeling trip. That man was saved by his pregnant wife who jumped from a boat without any fear.

This incident took place on September 20 When pregnant woman Margot Dukes-Eddy was with her parents, family members, and her husband who’s name is Andrew Eddy.

While they all were on the boat then suddenly fell into the water after sliding off the boat and immediately a large shark was seen latched onto his shoulder, according to onlookers.

As his wife Margot saw the water was instantly filled with her husband’s blood then she immediately jumped off the boat without any fear, according to Monroe Country Sheriff’s Office report.

Margot’s fast response saved her husband’s life, who was ultimately drawn out of the water with help from other family members. Soon after the daring rescue, Andrew was taken to Sombrero Beach, where medics treated him. Then he was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami via an air ambulance.

Although Margot’s father, sister, and sister’s boyfriend had dived into the water, none were attacked by sharks. Besides Margot’s family, there were other snorkelers in the area on separate boats.

“Dukes saw the shark’s dorsal organ and all water was filled by blood. Dukes, without qualms, leaped into the water and drawn Eddy to the safety of the boat, according to ” Deputy Christopher Aguanno.

Onlookers said the predator was likely a bull shark that measured 8-10 feet.

Earlier this month, an unbelievable thing happened at Florida’s Jenson Beach that a man chilled out there by stood calmly on the beach after he was bitten on his arm by a nurse shark.

Instead of panicking or running on the beach for help, the unnamed man calmly stood around while holding onto the shark that refused to let go of his arm.

According to reports, the man was bit by the shark when he was playing around in the water at Jenson beach.

A video shot by an eyewitness shows the man getting out of the water while holding on to the shark-like a pet.


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