India on Friday condemned Pakistan for its deprived record is given that safety and security to religious and ethnic sections during the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Lecture to the 45th Session of the Human Rights Council at the UN, Senthil Kumar, First Secretary, Perpetual Mission of India, said the world doesn’t need lessons on human rights from a country which has been identified as “nursery and epicenter of terrorism”.

Pakistan must remember that terrorism is the nastiest form of human rights abuse before tireless support to others.  The world doesn’t need instructions on human rights from a country which has been well-known as nursery and epicenter of terrorism,” he said, according to ANI.

Kumar also emphasized the atrocities Balochs have to feel pain in Pakistan. “Enforced disappearances, state violence, and forced mass displacements, harassment, extrajudicial killings, army operations, torture, kill-and-dumps, torture camps, detention centers, military camps are regular features in Balochistan,” he said.

“Nobody knows lots of Baloch missing and 35,000 Pashtuns missed to date. Sectarian violence has asked for more than 500 Hazaras in Balochistan and more than 100,000 Hazaras have run away from Pakistan,” he added.

“The Baloch did not even once felt safe inside Balochistan and now also they do not feel safe even outside Pakistan. The case of the killing of journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch after he went missing in March 2020 and the disappearance of Rashid Hussain in December 2018, only work for to demonstrate that the Baloch human rights protectors are being targeted and removed even after they quit Pakistan,” he added.

The First Secretary additionally pointed out that it was a matter “of great concern” that the population of religious minorities in Pakistan which was 23% in 1947 has condensed to an insignificant number.

“The reasons are not rigid to find. Systemic perception and persecution through killings, violence, forced conversions, forced displacement have nearly annihilated religious minorities in Pakistan. In Pakistan which as effected demographic change by reducing and powerfully the real Kashmiris out,” he added.


Counting the cases of human rights violations in Pakistan, Senthil Kumar said, “Security forces in Pakistan have extended ability in unlawful killings and kidnapping of people in so-called counter-terrorism operations. This has been compounded by a weak judiciary in Pakistan which has constantly failed to guard even the basic human rights of the people in Pakistan.”

This, he also said, “is the troubles of daughters, sisters, and mothers in Pakistan”.

“They say in Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan, you may not coming back home,” he said.

In a huge setback to Pakistan’s strategies to designate Indian nationals at the United Nations Security Council, five council members – US, UK, France, Germany, and Belgium – placed holds for lack of sufficient evidence.

Many times Pakistan has tried to list Indian nationals as a terrorist. The change was made banking on provision at the UNSC from their all-time friend, China.


 The five UNSC members Requested

The five UNSC members are who is two non-permanent and three P5 nations, requested the UNSC 1267 Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee Secretariat to block Pakistan’s listing presentations of Indian nationals Angara Appaji (Nov 2019)and Gobinda Patnaik Duggivalasa (Nov 2019).

The preceding move by Pakistan to designate Indian nationals, Venumadhav Dongara (May 2019) and Ajoy Mistry (Oct 2019), were blocked by the US in June this year.

It is known through the sources that Pakistan had attempted to list 4 Indian nationals in total. Pakistan is trying to get Indian nationals listed and is also make an effort a religious profile.

The blocking of the four offers disclosures Pakistan’s blatant attempt to misinform the Sanctions Committee with lies and fabricated facts.

India exercises its right of reply in response to statement by Pakistan at UNHRC - The Economic Times Video | ET Now


India’s Representative to the UN in New York, Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti tweeted, “Pakistan’s blatant attempt to politicize 1267 special procedure on terrorism by giving it a religious color, has been thwarted by UN Security Council. We thank all those Council members who have blocked Pakistan’s designs.”


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