Passenger cries ‘terrorist’ mid-air on Air India flight, detained for questioning by Goa Police

Panaji: A dramatic scene happened in mid-air, a passenger aboard an Air India flight from Delhi to Goa let out a scare for fellow travelers and the airline team after he claimed that there was a terrorist on the plane.

During the flight, Zia-ul Haq, a resident of Okhla in the national capital, claimed that he is an officer of the Special Cell of the Delhi Police and that there was a terrorist on the flight.

The pilot instantly up-to-date the Goa Air Traffic Control about the worry on board, and as soon as the flight landed in Goa around 3:30 pm, he was detained.

“On October 22, the aeronautics security revived a call from the ATC. A passenger asks for that on-board of AI 884 that there is a terrorist in the aircraft, a quick action team (QAT), and Bomb Direction Disposal Squad (BDDS) reached the aerobridge and thoroughly checked the aircraft and suspicious passenger and his luggage. And later forwarded to the airport police for further action,” an aviation security official told news agency ANI.

The cabin crew has also given a written grievance to authorities at Goa airport.

“A mentally unsound passenger traveled by Air India yesterday from Delhi to Goa who created a ruckus during flight and breach the rules on-board was handed over to Goa airport police as the matter is related to law and order,” the Goa Airport Director said.

The passenger is currently being interrogated by a joint team of Goa Police and central intelligence agencies.

The family of the disturbed passenger has also been informed about the incident, and they claim he is unwell and has been suffering from depression and anxiety.

However, his questioning is still going on.


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