Nithin Kamath’s Health Journey: Overcoming Adversities to Adopt Fitness

Nithin Kamath, The creator of Zerodha has disclosed on social media on Monday that he had suffered a “mild stroke” about six weeks prior.

Although he did not state the explanation directly, Nithin Kamath has implied that a number of variables might have played a role.

Nithin Kamath

I felt a tiny impact all of a sudden about six weeks ago. My father’s passing, little sleep, exhaustion, dehydration, and overworking are all plausible explanations, Nithin Kamath wrote in a post. 

He added that ever since, he’s noticed a strain on his face that makes writing and reading difficult. The prosperous businessman anticipated a complete recovery in three to six months and made suggestions about potential triggers based on his medical history, such as the death of his father recently, irregular sleep cycles, exhaustion, dehydration, and strenuous exercise.

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“From having severe facial strain to having difficulty reading and writing, to having proficiency in both areas. Going from being forgetful to being focused. To fully recuperate, it will take three to six months,” he continued.


Nithin Kamath has made a strong case for the value of being in shape while using social media. He did acknowledge, though, that having the stroke forced him to reevaluate his routines and habits. “It surprised me that someone who is fit and takes care of themselves can still be affected,” the man exclaimed in wonder. The physician advised you to be aware of when to lower the accelerator a little. My treadmill may be a little broken, but it still counts.

Because even the healthiest people might encounter difficulties, Nithin Kamath‘s health journey serves as a lesson for everyone to be mindful of their well-being and adjust as needed.

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