MP two minister submitted their resignation to CM Shivraj Singh

Two ministers of Madhya Pradesh cabinet submitted their resignations to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Wednesday. Govind Singh Rajput and Tulsiram Silavat were appointed ministers on 21 April. Both resigned when they were not made members of the Legislative Assembly within six months of their appointment as ministers. Tulsiram Silavat, who handles the water resources department and Govind Singh Rajput, who oversees revenue and transport in the state, sent his resignation on Wednesday afternoon. As per Article 164 (4) of the Indian Constitution, a Minister who is not a member of the House has to be elected to the Legislative Assembly within 6 months of being appointed a Minister.

During the first expansion of Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s cabinet on 21 April, Silavat and Rajput were sworn in along with other ministers – Narottam Mishra, Meena Singh and Kamal Patel. Silavat and Rajput were among the 22 MLAs who joined the BJP from the Congress in March, joined the Kamal Nath government and paved the way for the formation of the Chauhan government.

On 2 July, Shivraj Singh Chauhan expanded his cabinet to include 28 ministers, 12 of whom were former Congress MLAs. Sources said that there are now 12 ministers who are not currently MLAs, but MPs will have a by-election before the completion of the six-month term.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) announced elections for 28 assembly constituencies of MP on 29 September. As per the schedule, voting for 28 seats will be held on November 3 and results will be announced on November 10.

It isnot clear whether the two former ministers – Silavat and Rajput – will be sworn in again after resigning, or whether to wait until the by-election results are announced on 10 November.MP

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