How Many Super Bowls Have Gone To Overtime?

In this article we will explore about how many super bowls have gone to overtime.

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It is very hard to believe that in the 58-year history of the Super Bowl, only two games needed an extra period to settle the score: Super Bowl LI and Super Bowl LVIII. you got it right, just 2 out of 58!

Super Bowl LI (2017):

This game is engraved in NFL history for the comeback by the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons which was very unbelievable. After trailing by 28 points in the 3rd quarter, the Pats clawed their way back to tie the game and ultimately won the 34-28 in overtime. It was very situation of nail-biting!

Super Bowl LVIII (2024):

Just this February, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers clashed into overtime. The tension was thick as both teams exchanged stakes before Patrick Mahomes joined hands with Mecole Hardman for a game-winning score, giving the Chiefs a 25-22 victory.

So, while overtime is uncommon and very rare in the Super Bowl, it has delivered some moments which are very unforgettable that prove us why football is called “America’s Game.” In future, the next Super Bowl maybe another heart-stopping overtime thriller!

What Year Was The Last Super Bowl Overtime – Lets Explore

The last Super Bowl was just February 11th, 2024! In Super Bowl LVIII, the excitement continued beyond regulation, culminating in a thrilling win for the Kansas City Chiefs. In future, maybe Super Bowl LIX may join the ranks of these overtime classics!

What is the Super Bowl overtime rule?

The new rules governs that both teams will get an opportunity at least one possession in overtime, nonetheless of whether the team that gets the ball first scores. If the score is still tied after each team gets the ball once, the next score wins the game.

Lets take an example of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. If San Francisco 49ers scores a touchdown (plus an extra point) on their first possession of an overtime against the Baltimore Ravens, the Ravens has one possession to score at least seven points.

If the Ravens doesn’t score or just score fewer point than seven, the game will over and the 49ers will be the winners.

If the Ravens score eight points (i.e., a touchdown and two-point conversion), the game will over and the Ravens will be the winners.

If the Ravens score exactly seven points same as of 49ers, then the game will continue and is played until the next score.

If the team which has kicked off the game in overtime, scores on special teams (safety or touchdown) or defense (safety or touchdown), the game will be over.

If the game gets tied between the two teams at the end of one overtime period – or the second team’s first possession is still happening – a second overtime will begin at the point where the first period had left off, i.e., it will be treated like the transition from the first quarter to second quarter (or third to fourth quarter) in a regular-season game.

Some Fun Facts

  • Both Super Bowl overtime games ended in walk-off wins (one touchdown, one field goal).
  • The average score of a Super Bowl that goes to overtime is 28.5 points each.
  • The next Super Bowl is Super Bowl LIX, scheduled for February 2, 2025.

Can we see another overtime classic in the future? Only time will tell!

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