Delhi-NCR to face major ‘water-crisis’, Ganga Canal closed for repairs

The state irrigation division shutting down the Upper Ganga Canal for the renovation work to fulfill the demand for Haridwar Kumbh Mela planned for next year, Noida can do a 10-day-long water shortage. The Ganga water supply will be hindered for some areas of Ghaziabad and Noida from March 23 till April 1, officials said.

The Noida Authority, though, said that they will supply the demand using the borewells and ranney wells, which in spite of being in bad shape, can still run into the city’s water demand. Though, the water quality can suffer.

The water management proposal in Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad deliveries of 365 million litres per day to Noida. This source will be hindered for a week. The order passed last week and the apprehensive departments were up-to-date on the same day to make substitute arrangements, Jal Nigam said.

Officials additionally said that the supply is will not affected because of the Covid-19, but to make essential arrangements for the Kumbh Mela next year.

In wake of the planning essential for Haridwar Kumb programmed for next year, the extraordinary canals of the Upper Ganga Canal will be shut from midnight of March 22/23 till April 1 and 2. The supply of water not be likely during this time, said an official order UP Jal Nigam.

In the meantime, Noida Authority said that they have enough borewells and ranney wells. Official, however, also said that the water from their borewells and ranney wells would be of high TDS, total dissolved solids, which people will have to do well using RO plants connected at their houses.

Noida per day demand 340 MLD of which 182 arises from Ganga. We have 384 tube wells and 9 ranney wells which are fairly not in very upright shape due to reduction of groundwater. However, the demand will be met. Though the water eminence would be to some extent on the downside will and have high TDS, but people having opposite osmosis (RO)purifiers which can bring the TDS levles down,” said BM Pokhriyal, deputy general manager (water), Noida Authority.


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