In order to assess and prevent cross-border contagion from Delhi, the Gautam Buddh Nagar district administration has decided that it will randomly test commuters entering Noida by road or through the metro stations with the help of fast antigen kits. The officials said that the teams of the health department will be organised randomly at any of the five main road entry/exit area from Delhi or at the 11 metro stations in Noida, which connected with Delhi, for analysis.

The officers said that the wits starting Wednesday is part of a plan to deal with the likelihood of rising Covid-19 cases in bordering Delhi leading to a increases in cases in Noida since a large number of daily travellers travel between Noida and Delhi.

Our health section is writing out teams, about 2 or 3, which will be arbitrarily deployed either at road borders with Delhi. The teams will randomly select travellers coming in from Delhi and take their trials with the help of quick antigen kits. The road traffic between Delhi and Noida would continue to be usual and it is do again that only a few randomly selected commuters shall be tested and not all travelling worker,” said district official of Gautam Budh Nagar.

The exercise will start Wednesday. Since, it will be the first day, we have not measured how many of the commuters will be tested. This calculation will be done a day later. This is being done in order to evaluate spread of contamination and would help in give out advisories to employers and organisations, where a huge number of people work and commute between Gautam Buddh Nagar and neighbouring areas, so that spread of infection is contained to a large extent,” Suhas, added.

The five major entry/exit points that Noida segments with Delhi are the DND flyway, Noida-Mayur Vihar border, New Ashok Nagar border, Kalindi Kunj and another border near Kondli. The city has nine metro stations on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro network and two stations on the Magenta Line connecting Delhi.

Before lockdown each of the 3 roads (connecting Delhi and Noida) catered to over 1 lakh vehicular traffic. After the lockdown, the number of vehicles has decreased on the roads since schools, colleges and numerous offices are closed. We sense that around 70,000 means of transportation usage DND Flyway & around 60,000 cars use Kalindi Kunj every day. Comparable statistics of vehicles run on the Mayur Vihar link road as well, Noida’s traffic inspector.

These roads are currently toll free hence the police don’t have exact numbers, said officials.

We will organise with the district management as part of the program, Saha said.

According to the state control room records, the district till November 17 registered a total of 20,566 Covid-19 cases, in which 1,236 active cases in addition 73 deaths. Through the first 17 days in November, the district has reported 2,727 new cases of covid-19.

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