‘Babri will be avenged’: ISIS terror magazine provokes people to spread enmity, brutality in India.

Terror organization ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been killed last year, but the banned group’s nefarious activities continue unabated across the world. 


The ninth edition of ISIS’ magazine ‘The Voice of Hind’ calls for jehad while trying to push its propaganda to incite youth of a certain community in India. According to sources, the security agencies are keeping a tab of the magazine which also reportedly calls to avenge the Babri mosque demolition. 

The magazine features a photo of Babri Mosque

The ISIS’ digital hate magazine features photos of the Babri mosque in an apparent attempt to push the dangerous agenda. The articles in the magazine hint that the terror group is also keeping an eye on all those who were recently acquitted in the decades-old Babri demolition case. 


A Lucknow court on September 30 acquitted all 32 people, including BJP veterans L K Advani, M M Joshi, and Uma Bharti accused of being involved in the demolition Sources said that the magazine was made available to ISIS cadre via the dark web and Telegram channels. 


Referring to the acquittal of the accused in the Babri demolition case, the magazine said that an attempt has been made to mislead India’s Muslims and asked whether you have. It has been instructed in the magazine that now the Muslims of India should take up arms against the government. 

Earlier, this magazine had also tried to incite people opposing CAA and NRC in India. In the edition of the online magazine Voice of Hind, ISIS had published articles encouraging India’s Muslims to spread brutality in many places in protest against the Citizenship Amendment. It was directed to make the riots of CAA and NRC on Muslims of India violent. 


In India, these people are proactive in executing violence. Motivate the Muslims of India to spread brutality in various ways. Now the latest case is going on to avenge Babri.


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