Al Qaeda


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested 9 Suspected Al Qaeda operatives from Kerala and Bengal, raids have also done on a group allegedly linked to Pakistan sponsored Al Qaeda.

NIA Spokesperson said that the agency did immediate raids at some area in Kerala’s Ernakulum and West Bengal’s Murshidabad know about an inter-state module of Al Qaeda operatives at various location in India.

The spokesperson said the inter-state module has been functioning for some time and was preparing to attack at vital installations in India.

All operatives of Al Qaeda have the intention to kill all people whether they have any fault or not and with the planning of a terror attack.

The official also states that the NIA arrested 6 from them from West Bengal and three from Kerala in the early morning raids.

While raids were going on than a large number of goods was found, such as digital devices, documents, “jihadi” literature, country-made firearms, weapons, a locally fabricated body armor, literature used for making home-made devices have been grabbed from their possession.

These people were originally by the Pakistan-based Al Qaeda terrorists on social media and were encouraged to attacks at different places in India.

Another NIA official also said the group was planning attacks with IEDs, made from potassium procured from firecrackers, to go to Kashmir for weapons delivery.

The arrested terrorists have been identified as Murshid Hassan, Morshraf Hussien, and Yakoob Bishwas, all three residents of Ernakulam. While Abu Sufiyan, Najmus Sakib Al Mamun Kamal, Mainul Mondal, Leu Yean Ahmed, and Atitur Rehman, all residents of Murshidabad. The rest arrested from Kerala and them originally from Bengal.

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