All schools in Delhi will remain closed for students till October 31, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia announced on Sunday.


According to the new guidelines issued by MHA, for the re-opening of schools and coaching institutions, State and Union Territory (UT) governments were given the flexibility to take a decision after October 15, 2020, in a graded manner.

MHA guidelines for re-opening of faculties , colleges, other educational insitutions-

• Online classes shall still be the well-liked mode of teaching and shall be encouraged.
• Where schools are taking online classes, and a few students like better to take online classes instead of physically attend school, they’ll be allowed to try to to so.
• Students may attend schools/ institutions only with the written consent of oldsters .
• Attendance must not be required, and must depend on parental consent.
• States /UTs will prepare their own SOP regarding health and safety precautions for reopening of schools/ institutions supported the SOP to be issued by
• Department of faculty Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Ministry of Education, Government of India, keeping local requirements in sight .
• Schools, which are allowed to open, will need to mandatorily follow the SOP to be issued by Education Departments of States/ UTs.
• Department of higher Education, Ministry of Education may take a choice on the timing of the opening of Colleges/ education Institutions, in consultation with Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), supported the assessment of things . • However, education Institutions just for research scholars (Ph.D) and post-graduate students in science and technology stream requiring laboratory/ experimental works are going to be permitted to open from 15th October, 2020, as under:
• For Centrally Funded education Institutions, the top of Institution will satisfy herself/ himself that there’s a real requirement of research scholars (Ph.D) and post-graduate students in science and technology stream for laboratory/experimental works.
• For all other education Institutions e.g. State Universities, Private Universities etc., they’ll open just for research scholars (Ph.D) and postgraduate students in science and technology stream requiring laboratory/experimental works as per decision to be taken by the respective State/UT Governments.

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