Markandey Katju tweet Bizarre Logic on Hathras Gangrape Case

Another disgusting news has surfaced in Hathras.The gang-rape and cruel murder of a 19-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras and after that entire nation is in shock and furious. In different states people are doing protest demanding for justice Amidst the outrage, Indian jurist and the former Supreme Court judge of India Markandey Katju is being panned for his post about the incident.

Condemning the monstrous crime, Katju shared a long post about the Hathras gang rape case and said that ‘sex is a natural urge in men’. While calling for a harsh punishment of the criminals, the former SC judge also spoke about the interrelation between rising unemployment and rapes in a conservative society like India.

He mentioned in his post that “I condemn the Hathras gang rape, and call for harsh punishment of the culprits.

However, having said that there is one aspect which also needs to be considered.

Sex is a natural urge in men. Sometimes it is said that after food, the next requirement is sex.

In a traditional society like India, one can normally have sex only after marriage. But when there is huge and rising unemployment, a huge number of young men cannot marry ( as no girl will ordinarily marry an unemployed man ). As a result a large number of young men remain deprived of sex, even though they have reached an age when it is a normal requirement.

Before 1947 the population when india was not divided so at that time there was about 42 crores population. But today India alone has about 135 crore people, which means there has been a increase in population. But the huge  number of jobs greater than before. In fact it is supposed that in June 2020 alone 12 crore people have lost their jobs. As a result will there not be increase in rapes ?

I once again make it clear that I am not justifying rapes or culprit, rather I condemn it. But seeing the situation prevailing in the country they are bound to increase.

So if we really want to end or reduce rapes we have to generate a social and economic system in India in which there is no or little unemployment.

I say again, I condemn the gang rape, and call for harshest punishment of the culprits.”

The post didn’t sit well with a section of netizens and Markandey Katju got slammed for his ‘sick mentality’.




A user commented, “Dear sir,

Yes talk about unemployment separately. Rape isn’t something one should easily get away with. They should be punished in a cruel way. By seeing that no one should dare to think about it again.

Yes, we need to create a society where everyone gets equal respect. I agree on that but this isn’t the time to emphasis on this. First, those ass*** must be hanged…

Moreover, many educated men are also involved in such kind of brutality.”

I totally not agree with your statement …Mentality only play role in doing these henious crime…And what gives fuel to this mentality is no fear of law , Casteism and bad mentality. Education and upbringing plays a important role in reducing these cases but law should be such strict it has be dealt with strict punishments,” read another tweet.

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