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A Strange news has surfaced that now Anil Ambani who was the sixth richest person on the planet, now he is living simple life as common people. Anil Ambani embattled of millions of liabilities. Anil Ambani who is chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), has now ‘Zero Net Worth’ he said it to UK court on Friday and also told that he sold off all his jewellery to pay off legal fees for the current case

The Anil Ambani said he got Rs 9.9 crore after selling all his jewellery between January and June 2020 and owns “nothing meaningful”, according to a Times of India report. He also said that “abstract media stories” about his lifestyle were greatly blown up when asked about his fleet of cars. “I have never owned a Rolls Royce. He said that I use only one car at present,”


The industrialist made the statements during the hearing of a lawsuit brought by three Chinese companies on an alleged breach of personal guarantee on debt refinancing loan.

The three state-owned Chinese banks which walk in single file the lawsuit include–Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Development Bank and Exim Bank of China. They privilege Ambani owes them a whopping $680 million in dues after an alleged breach of personal guarantee on a debt refinancing loan of around $925 million.

The banks will use the documents from the cross-examination to follow all accessible legal avenues to guard their rights and recover the outstanding loans owed to them. the banks said in a statement this week.

“My expenses are least and being tolerated by wife and family,” Ambani added. “I don’t have a extravagant lifestyle and do not other income. I come across legal expense by sale of jewellery and, if I have to meet more expenses, [it] will be matter to approval by the court to dispose of other assets.”

On May 22, the UK court asked him to pay $716.9 million or Rs 5,821 crore and $ 750,000 or Rs 7 crores in legal costs to the Chinese banks by June 12. On June 15, the Chinese banks controlled by Industrial and Commerce Bank of China search for exposé of Ambani’s assets after he failed to pay the dues which are yet to be paid, says the report.

The order has given to Ambani to provide full revelation of all of his assets worldwide exceeding USD 100,000.

Anil Ambani is keen to devote most of his time with family and company. He is also a lifelong vegetarian, teetotaller and do not have habit of smoke who would much rather watch a movie at home with his kids than go out on the town. Reports that suggest otherwise are completely misleading, the spokeperson of Anil Ambani said. the spokesperson said.


Anil Ambani


When is was asked about his luxury cars and other references to his extravagant lifestyle as the counsel for the banks cross-examined him, the Reliance Communications NSE 2.63 % chief dismissed them as “speculative” media stories.

Anil Ambani who is the younger brother of Mukesh Ambani who was the world sixth richest person in 2008 is now he is not billionaire any more. A 61 year old  billionaire went to via videolink from Mumbai before the High Court on Friday for required cross-examination in aid of an asset disclosure order got by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd Mumbai Branch, Exim Bank of China and China Development

In London Court Anil Ambani told that my needs are not vast and my lifestyle is very disciplined.

A billionaire who is now living in a lots of liabilities have two children Jai Anmol Ambani, Jai Anshul Ambani and has married to Indian Actress Tina Munim.



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