After sent money to wrong bank account, how you can recover money?

Transfer money and receiving money through the online process or Google pay, NEFT, UPI, etc. has become easier because of lots of changes in changing technology. This technology did work as a boon in common people’s life. These online payment methods helped people in availing banking services easily.

Sometimes people transferred money but while transferring money through digital payment options, they type the wrong account number or any details due to which money transferred to someone else’s account.

If you sent money to someone else account by mistake and the account number you have typed is present in the bank data so that money cannot be returned to your bank account, but if you typed the wrong account number but if that account number is not present in the bank data so that money will be returned to your account.

So to handle these problems, the procedure is given below to facing these type of issue:

First contact the branch manager of your bank:

If you sent money to someone else account by mistake so in that case, you should immediately inform your bank through mail or phone. If you sent money to an unknown person in another bank or branch so in that situation only that bank account can solve your problem. In such a situation, you have to meet your bank manager and you should tell the date, day, and time to send money. Account number of recipients and your account number to the bank.

Write to the bank

In such a situation, when asked by the bank, the person who received money by mistake is ready to return the money. Senior Advocate Manoj Singh said, “If money goes into someone’s bank account by mistake, you can ask the bank for recovery.” In short, neither someone’s liability is created nor is someone’s liability made so in that case money should be returned. You have to write to both the bank to return the money if money has gone in error.

Make a complaint:

You have to immediately complain in the bank branch where money has been sent by mistake. No bank can withdraw money from the account of its customers unless the customer’s permission retrieve. Banks do not share their customer’s information with others. But if you complain to the concerned bank or branch so in that case bank will identify that customer and ask them to return the money which has been sent by mistake.

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